Tern was created because we love the outdoors plain and simple. Fed up with seeing our favorite places littered with plastic waste, we decided to create a business for change.

We believe it’s about providing options for people. When given the choice people will choose the correct one, the one that creates value for themselves and the environment.

That’s where Tern comes in. We are committed to providing more viable options and work harder to put them in the path of the consumer, so when the choice inevitably falls to convenience, we’re up front and available as the truly sustainable one. Help us put a stop to throw away culture, and return to taking pride in the products we use.



Trust that we've done the research to back up the claims we make. We’ve taken the time to shed light on: What materials have the smallest carbon footprint? What choice are you really making when you decide plastic over paper? Are natural versus synthetic fibers a better option for your reusable tote bag? We are a community ready to answer questions, address comments, and to discuss new topics!



Right now we are focusing on bags, as we’ve found this is the most effective grassroots method to reduce plastic waste in our own lives.

We’re slowly adding to our ‘Learn’ section in order to educate the public on how to best make a positive impact.

Know that when you buy from Tern we are directing that revenue back into our product R&D in order to provide better solutions to the many facets of this pandemic.


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Have suggestions of solutions, products, or improvements you’d like to see? Reach out! We love hearing from our community. info@terngoods.com