About DAVA

What is DAVA?

DAVA (aka VAVA) - Danang Association of Victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin - located in central Vietnam.


The Danang Association of Victims of Agent Orange/dioxin (DAVA) is a social and charitable organization of victims of AO/dioxin and individuals and groups who live and work in the city and volunteer to make donations and non-material contributions to assist these victims to overcome the consequences of toxic chemicals used by the U.S. during the Vietnam War.

Some of the things DAVA does to help agent orange victims:

  • Provide a community center for agent orange victims to unite and encourages them to overcome their difficulties.
  • Promote education and growth, encouraging members to foster the ability to integrate into the community.
  • Raise awareness for AO/Dioxin victims.
  • Represent AO/Dioxin victims to help protect their benefits.

How do we work with DAVA?

We worked with the DAVA for the production of our produce bags.

Part of the DAVA center’s program to encourage members to integrate into the community is practical work experience. One of these is craft production which includes sewing. All of our produce bags are produced by DAVA.

Why do we work with DAVA?

If we have the option to do good throughout our supply chain we are going to take it!

We work with DAVA because we get our product made at a competitive price, competitive quality, and we get the added benefit of supporting a community program we believe in.

Benefits of working with DAVA:

  • We have control over our product.
  • We can stop in during production, make adjustments, and QC our bags as they are made. This is the type of connection to our produce we like.
  • DAVA offers competitive pricing.
  • We get to interact with the DAVA members.
  • We are connected to our supply chain.

Working with DAVA has been a great experience for us on a personal level.

In showing up to check on the status of our produce bags, I’m greeted by the whole community. All smiles!

Simply showing up and practicing basic english with the members seems to energize the whole facility. And it energizes me as well.