Plastic Pollution Education Series

Is plastic pollution something you’re concerned about?

Welcome to Plastics EDU a FREE education series to help you:

  1. Understand what the plastic problem really is.
  2. How it can be fixed.
  3. What your role in helping solve the problem is. 

This course is Free of charge and has no advertisements or sponsors.

Future versions of this course will have one or both, in order to support the extensive research needed to keep it relevant. 

I believe good health and a clean environment are basic human rights.

Careless plastic use and pollution is a threat to our wellbeing.

If you agree, I think you’ll find this education series extremely interesting and helpful. What to expect:

  • Every Wednesday and Friday you’ll get a short email educating you about plastic
  • If you have follow up questions you can respond directly
  • You can unsubscribe any time

I will answer:

What’s the problem with plastic? (Module 1)

What’s being done about it? (Module 2)

What do we do next?  (Module 3)


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Meet your teacher


I’m Dave and I'll be your teacher throughout this email series. 

I’m a surfer, hiker, and traveler; a student and a teacher.

I’m obsessed with understanding why society knowingly does things against its own interest... 

Why are we drowning ourselves in plastic when we know it’s bad for us?

Here’s why I'm qualified to teach you:

Education: Environmental Studies and Geographic Information Systems & Technologies - University of California Los Angeles.

Experience: I worked for the state and federal government supporting conservation of ecosystems and wildlife.

US Fish & Wildlife Service
California Department of Fish & Wildlife
FishAlerts - Mobile app educating fishermen about marine reserves and fishing regulations 
Earth Accounting - Accounting system for the world's natural resources

Other: I’ve conducted years of research and writing on this topic out of personal interest and concern. I've traveled to various parts of the world and have experience the impact plastics are having on all different cultures.

Now: I’m here to share what I know with you. 

My goal: Communicate complex issues and dense scientific research so you have objective and actionable takeaways. 

I am continuously working to make this education series better.

If you have any feedback, please email me by responding to any email in this series.

Let's get started!

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